Tara Raafat

Chief Ontologist & Semantic Technologies Specialist, Mphasis RDF, OWL, and semantics, come across as interesting, but complicated. After delivering what has been called “the best introductory explanation about semantics” in Connected Data London 2017, Tara Raafat is back for more.

About this speaker

Tara leads knowledge engineering projects across Mphasis, and is responsible for development of Nextgen semantic based AI applications with over a decade of experience in semantic knowledge modeling and knowledge-driven applications. She is one of the founders of the NextAngles – A semantic based next-gen compliance automation platform. Tara has a PhD in Information System Engineering.

Tara’s background is in semantic knowledge modeling and knowledge-driven applications. As chief ontologist in Mphasis, she helps construct “smart compliance” solutions, identifying relationships among financial entities/accounts and patterns of money movement. In turn, she helps build systems that analyze financial transactions and learn what activity constitutes a compliance violation.


One Ontology, One Data Set, Multiple Shapes with SHACL

04 October 2019, 12:00 AM
Tara Raafat