David Gorena

The Largest Graph of Human Activity at Work ever Created

A Talk by David Gorena (Program Manager, Microsoft AI)

About this Talk

“The World Runs on Us” – a slogan from Oil Industries a few years back. “Data is the new Oil” – a new slogan which is applicable today. From this point on, whoever can connect data and turn it into knowledge, will keep the world running.

Knowledge, Connected Data and AI are new requirements to keep the world running. With these, our lives get simpler. Without them, enterprises will inevitably fail.

These three key components have been reshaping the way we live and work for the past few years, and we’ve just touched the tip of the iceberg. Everyone, whether they know it or not, has been using AI & knowledge-infused products and services every day, sometimes in ways that may not seem obvious.

I will explain how these non-obvious scenarios are being powered and how/why these will just become exponentially powerful with technology improvements which are happening today.

How do intelligent scenarios work? I’ll take the audience through a journey of understanding Knowledge Graphs (including how knowledge is ingested and mined), showing real scenarios being powered by these, and explaining how this technology can and will be used in the enterprise world in products like Office 365 and Microsoft Search.

Before joining Office, I was part of the Bing organization, working on one of the biggest consumer knowledge graphs ever created. I will brief the audience on how this knowledge graph works and how it powers everyday consumer scenarios. I will compare this with the largest graph of human activity at work ever created, which is where I focus my time in the Office organization.

With examples, I will show how the graph powers intelligent scenarios in Office 365 and Microsoft Search products. Microsoft Search is one of our new and unique products, and I will present the latest in this area, including our vision.

Today is the perfect time for AI. Together with Knowledge Graphs, it will help connect data and turn it into knowledge to help every person and every organization in the world achieve more, through intelligent experiences. What is the difference between Knowledge and AI?

I will explain, and I’ll get into the details of why both are required to truly power these intelligent scenarios. With statistics, I’ll show why organizations which are not willing or unable to jump into the Data ship, will fail.

Everyone in the audience can and must contribute. I will share the big motivations and next steps. Together, we will help improve how the world runs every day, and in the process, will benefit ourselves and organizations around the world.

04 October 2019, 12:00 AM

12:00 AM - 01:00 AM

About The Speakers

David Gorena

David Gorena

Program Manager, Microsoft AI

David is a Hispanic Principal Program Manager in the Microsoft AI organization, responsible for infusing AI and Knowledge into Office Core and Outlook products.